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Dear all,


Dear all,


In the call today was decided to open the discussion about creating a logo
for ITS 2.0. This logo could be used in the websites that incorporate ITS
2.0 recommendation or in ITS 2.0 compliant applications 


I will try to summarize. For the moment there are 3 approaches, but probably
we should check with Richard how recommendation logos are usually treated in
the W3C?:


1)      To create a logo for all the 20 data categories and for the ITS 2.0

a.       Since it is rare somebody use all data categories, they could
identified which ones are used, together with the ITS 2.0 logo.


2)      To create only one ITS logo, *based on the MLW logo* (like we based
the MLW-LT logo on the MLW logo). Benefits:

a.       The MLW logo is known already, so people will recognize something

b.      The story "makes sense": ITS is one piece of technologies that
fosters the adoption of the Multilingual Web

c.       Using the MLW+ITS logo in user interfaces would be one part of a
sustainable story for both MLW and ITS, since the user interfaces will for
sure stay alive after the end of LT-Web.

3)      To create only one ITS logo, different and independent from MLW


At this point, my view is:


a)      The idea for one logo for ITS 2.0 is good. It gives visibility to
the recommendation and allows to “sell” it better. Also, we need to have
very clear that key of success of ITS 2.0 is that content creators use it!

b)      IMHO it is better to promote only one ITS 2.0 good logo, to be used
in web, rather than 20 data categories logos. From commercial perspective it
is better to have a good well known logo than 20. 

c)       We could try to make compatible option 2 and 3, with “some”
relation to MLW, but not the same logo.


My very humble proposals (just to start discussing and to be discarded – I
am not graphic creative guy) are simple. The relation with MLW are colors
and the lemma in the second one:





Any thought or proposal?







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