Re: [All] next publication of ITS2 draft

Hi Pablo,

Am 03.04.13 10:42, schrieb Pablo Nieto Caride:
> Hi Felix, all,
> I'm already working on it, but I'm not an implemeter of the data category so
> I wasn't very familiar with the issue so I'm still doing some research. I
> need to clarify some doubts:
> Based on the issue raised by Yves last December, two actions were created:
> 1) Action-385 to create a common sub-set of regex supported by most of the
> engines, to substitute the recommendation of using the XML Schema Character
> Class regular expression syntax, because it's less interoperable (I agree
> with Yves). This sub-set would be still compatible and useable with
> implementations using a XML Schema regular expression engine, and no changes
> on the test files would be needed since the regular expressions used on the
> files are simple and would be covered by the sub-set.
> 2) Action-430 to write a BP note explaining the importance of using Unicode
> normalization (I think this is important)
> The situation right now is that:
> For 1) Shaun created a sub-set that Felix corrected:
> ^(\.|\[\^?-?(([	

> xE000;-�𐀀-]|\\n|\\r|\\t|\\]|\\^|\\-|\\\\)(-([	

> 00;-]|\\n|\\r|\\t|\\]|\\^|\\-|\\\\))?)+-?\])?$
> but it's returning the error: missing "]"
> For 2) Shaun didn't write anything.
> Am I correct?

Yes, that's correct. I think the action-430 is not that critical, but 
having action-385 closed before the next publication would be great.

> Anyway I'll do my best to have it finished by Friday or Monday the latest,
> we can talk about this on today's call.

Great, thanks.



> Cheers,
> Pablo.
> ______________________________________________________________________
> Hi all,
> we should publish a new draft under soon. The last publication is
> about 5 months ago. We are two months late, see
> "It is important that a Working Group keep the Membership and public
> informed of its activity and progress. To this end, each Working Group
> SHOULD publish in the W3C technical reports index a new draft of each active
> technical report at least once every three months. An active technical
> report is a Working Draft, Candidate Recommendation, Proposed
> Recommendation, or Proposed Edited Recommendation. Each Working Group MUST
> publish a new draft of at least one of its active technical reports on the
> W3C technical reports index [PUB11] at least once every three months."
> I would not publish this week, but rather try to get two things done
> - close "allowed characters". Pablo, could you do
> this week?
> - work on NIF
> I would do that this week
> potentially more (e.g. with regards to the relation to HTML), if we have
> time + consensus.
> We then could publish next week. Let's discuss this during tomorrow's call.
> Best,
> Felix

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