Re: [Action-484] Create an ABNF based on

Hi Jirka, Pablo, all,

Am 17.04.13 09:05, schrieb Jirka Kosek:
> On 16.4.2013 18:29, Pablo Nieto Caride wrote:
>> The rules of the ABNF are:
>> [14] charClassSub ::= ( posCharGroup | negCharGroup ) '-' charClassExpr
> I think that we don't want charClassSub at all. Argument was that many
> RE engines doesn't support subtraction of classes.
>> Now if memory serves we need a RELAX NG schema to validate the grammar, don't we? Or are we going to use the regex finally?
> No, we just need this for specification. For schema we can rewrite this
> into regex if there is strong demand for this.

For the record, I won't demand this - though it would be nice.

So if there is an updated regex *excluding* the subtraction, can you see 
if people agree on this during today's call? I would then do the edit 
for allowed characters and we could close the issue-67 next week.



>     Jirka

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