[Various implementers] implementation effort for defaults (action-486 and action-489)

Dear Ankit, Dom / Leroy, Clemens / Karl, Marcis, Thomas,

we are currently discussing defaults for HTML5 processing. See the 
current thinking at


With this mail I want to check whether you will have the resources 
needed for testing the defaults. This seems to be critical for 
"Translate" and "Elements Within Text", since most of the tests here 
have already been done. So re-doing the tests with defaults would mean:
1) not providing new input files, no need to change these
2) provide reference output files
3) provide "your" output files

I am putting Dom / Leroy into the loop as well, for the reference output 

The proposed time line would be:

- Decide on defaults within the next week, that is by 24 April
- Start testing with defaults before the Bled f2f. Discuss testing 
issues in Bled
- Finalize the testing within May.

Would that work for you timewise? If I don't hear back from you I'd 
assume that this is OK.

Note that this topic is important for other implementers as well (e.g. 
Linguaserve), but we had discussed that already during last week's call 
and I think we have the commitment already - let me know otherwise.

Thanks a lot for you help in advance,


Received on Tuesday, 16 April 2013 07:49:27 UTC