RE: [ACTION-487][ISSUE-97][ISSUE--118] HTML5 Defaults

> If having separate HTML5+ITS spec is not an option, then I 
> think we can simply reference HTML5 for translateable attributes.
>  Of course this will not guarantee 100% interop as each 
> implementation has its own development cycle and will track 
> possible changes in HTML5 with different speed. 
> But from spec point of view we will have clean hands.

So we would add the defaults in the specifications for Element Within Text, (since Language Information and Id Value are already there), and just have a note stating why no defaults are defined for Translate (attribute and elements, not just attribute).

And, I suppose this is where Felix' idea of referencing a wiki page would play, we could add a pointer to the page in the ITS-IG wiki that define the temporary best guess we have for Translate at this time.

As for HTML5 vs XHTML5: I'd say our defaults would apply to both. But we don't mention anything below that because they are out of scope.

> So when an ITS processors processing "within text", not having 
> any "within text" rules or inlne markup, consumes a DOM and sees
> a "span" element in the HTML namespace - what "within text" 
> property should it assume?

withinText='yes': Our defaults would apply to HTML5 and its XHTML representation.


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