Re: Unicode normalization appendix (Re: [Minutes] MLW-LT call 2013-04-17)

I think moving it to the introduction would be proactive.


From:   Felix Sasaki <>
To:     Dave Lewis <>, 
Date:   18/04/2013 15:23
Subject:        Unicode normalization appendix (Re: [Minutes] MLW-LT call 

Hi Dave, all,

Am 17.04.13 22:16, schrieb Dave Lewis:
> Hi Felix,
> I could not find from where in the spec this appendix is referred to? 
> It might easily be missed if its not referenced from sections that do 
> mention normalisation.

the point of the appendix is *not* to be specific to selected parts of 
ITS 2.0 processing. No section mentions *Unicode* normalization, but 
only white space normalization (in the NIF section) and case folding in 
the "mapping of local data categories to HTML" section.

I think it is good that no section mentions Unicode normalization. The 
idea of the appendix is make people aware of Unicode normalization and 
not to impose requirements to specific ITS processing steps. But if you 
think this should be more prominent we could move the appendix to the 
non-normative introduction. Thoughts?



> cheers,
> Dave
> On 17/04/2013 18:30, Felix Sasaki wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> today's minutes are at
>> and below as text. I cleaned up various parts manually, please check. 
>> Sorry for participating only via IRC. As typed on IRC during the 
>> call, it would be nice to get feedback on

>> before the i18n WG call tomorrow (3 p.m. UTC).
>> Best,
>> Felix

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