RE: [ACTION 496] Allowed Characters regex

Hi Pablo, all,

>> [^<>:"\\/|\?*]
> [PNC]: Yes, the first regex is wrong, the penultimate square bracket 
> should be escaped [^<>:"\\/|\?*\]], anyway the second 
> one is valid.

The dangling ']' was just a remain of the previous expression (']' is allowed in filenames).
Felix: Thanks for the missing file. I've updated the specification:

>> At Pablo, Yves, Jirka, all: would it be ok to add the two updated regex 
>> to the spec directory, with a non-normative note like this below the EBNF:
>> "Users may want to use a regular expression to make sure that they follow above 
>> definition. Sample regular expressions to verify the regular expression in 
>> allowed characters are provided: for XML and for Java."
> [PNC]: Sounds like a good idea.

Sounds good.


Received on Monday, 29 April 2013 12:11:43 UTC