RE: [ACTION 496] Allowed Characters regex

Yes. It looks like a typo in the modified expression.

I’ll fix it.




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To: Yves Savourel
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Hi Yves, Pablo, all,

Yves, thanks a lot for the update of the section, looks good. Just one thing: I have put the XML regex into Jirka's schema and validated the example
and it didn't validate. But maybe that's the example - should it be


At Pablo, Yves, Jirka, all: would it be ok to add the two updated regex to the spec directory, with a non-normative note like this below the EBNF:

"Users may want to use a regular expression to make sure that they follow above definition. Sample regular expressions to verify the regular expression in allowed characters are provided: for XML and for Java."

With links to a text file containing the regex? 



Am 26.04.13 15:35, schrieb Yves Savourel:

Thanks Pablo.
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Subject: RE: [ACTION 496] Allowed Characters regex
Hi Yves, all,
The updated ABNF is correct, sorry for not being aware that MultiCharEsc wasn't compatible with some engines.
The text and the examples seem good to me.
The updated regex in case you need it is:
((\\[nrt\\|.?*+(){}\ <file:///\\[nrt\|.%3f*+()%7b%7d\&%23x2D;\&%23x5B;\&%23x5D;\&%23x5E;%5d))|(\%5b((%5b%5e\&%23x2D;\&%23x5B;\&%23x5D;%5d|(\%5bnrt\|.%3f*+()%7b%7d\&%23x2D;\&%23x5B;\&%23x5D;\&%23x5E;%5d))-(%5b%5e\&%23x2D;\&%23x5B;\&%23x5D;%5d|(\%5bnrt\|.%3f*+()%7b%7d\&%23x2D;\&%23x5B;\&%23x5D;\&%23x5E;%5d))|%5b%5e\&%23x5B;\&%23x5D;%5d|((\%5bnrt\|.%3f*+()%7b%7d\&%23x2D;\&%23x5B;\&%23x5D;\&%23x5E;%5d)))+\%5d)|(\.)> &#x2D;\&#x5B;\&#x5D;\&#x5E;]))|(\[(([^\&#x2D;\&#x5B;\&#x5D;]|(\\[nrt\\|.?*+(){}\&#x2D;\&#x5B;\&#x5D;\&#x5E;]))-([^\&#x2D;\&#x5B;\&#x5D;]|(\\[nrt\\|.?*+(){}\&#x2D;\&#x5B;\&#x5D;\&#x5E;]))|[^\&#x5B;\&#x5D;]|((\\[nrt\\|.?*+(){}\&#x2D;\&#x5B;\&#x5D;\&#x5E;])))+\])|(\.)
(( <file:///\\\[nrt\|.%3f*+()%7b%7d\u002D\u005B\u005D\u005E%5d))|(\%5b((%5b%5e\u002D\u005B\u005D%5d|(\%5bnrt\|.%3f*+()%7b%7d\u002D\u005B\u005D\u005E%5d))-(%5b%5e\u002D\u005B\u005D%5d|(\%5bnrt\|.%3f*+()%7b%7d\u002D\u005B\u005D\u005E%5d))|%5b%5e\u005B\u005D%5d|((\%5bnrt\|.%3f*+()%7b%7d\u002D\u005B\u005D\u005E%5d)))+\%5d)|(\.)> \\\\[nrt\\\\|.?*+(){}\\u002D\\\u005B\\u005D\\u005E]))|(\\[(([^\\u002D\\u005B\\u005D]|(\\\\[nrt\\\\|.?*+(){}\\u002D\\\u005B\\u005D\\u005E]))-([^\\u002D\\u005B\\u005D]|(\\\\[nrt\\\\|.?*+(){}\\u002D\\\u005B\\u005D\\u005E]))|[^\\u005B\\u005D]|((\\\\[nrt\\\\|.?*+(){}\\u002D\\\u005B\\u005D\\u005E])))+\\])|(\\.)
Hi everyone,
I've updated the draft specification with the new regular expression definition, as well as the examples:
I did removed allowance for the \d and \D constructs.
(I can edit things again if needed)


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