RE: [Agenda] MLW-LT call 24 April noon UTC

Dear Felix,

I'm travelling today, so won't be able to take part in this week's conference call. Kindly include me in the excused list on the agenda. I've been trying to read as much of all the messages of the MLW-LT group as possible.
I'm still on eastern Canada time.

Kind regards,
olaf-michael (omstefanov)

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Felix Sasaki <> wrote:Hi all, 

below is an agenda for tomorrow's call.

Your time
Dial-in details


1) LC issues in general see
Health check if in addition to the four issues
there are any other unresolved issues

2) Change of regex for allowed characters
See ABNF from Pablo at
Goal: close the issue with an action to edit ABNF into the spec

3) HTML translate and HTML5 defaults
Goal: close with proposal at
And make two actions: one for editing defaults for elements within text in the spec, one for putting HTML "translate" defaults into ITS IG wiki and have a non-normative pointer to these from the ITS2 spec.

4) Ruby
still waiting for i18n WG feedback 

5) Data categories that need mappings in the wiki
Goal: gather more opinions on above mail

6) Importance of normalization
Goal: get feedback on

7) XLIFF mapping
David, others, can you give an update?

8) Ontology
Goal: gather opinions

9) Meeting schedule
Waiting for Felix to update

10) AOB



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