Re: [ACTION-487][ISSUE-97][ISSUE--118] HTML5 Defaults

Hi Yves, all,

Am 12.04.13 18:40, schrieb Yves Savourel:
> Hi all,
> I've updated this wiki page:
> - I'm not sure for if we should specify those defaults for Domain and Text Analysis

I would specify no defaults here - in general we should only have 
defaults if we are 100% sure about the purpose of the markup in HTML5. 
That would also resolve the concern you expressed below.

I would also specify no defaults for Directionality, since this is in 
flux for HTML5 (like Ruby).

For preserve space we say in the ITS2 draft

"The Preserve Space data category does not apply to HTML documents in 
HTML syntax."

That raises some questions:

- do the mappings
only apply to HTML5 content in HTML5 syntax?
- what do we say to people who want to apply the mappings for HTML4 / 
3.2 / XHTML?

> - I'm rather concerned about the implementation of Directionality's 'auto'. Technically we have no way to do it for <pre> and <textarea> since our information is at the node level and those case go lower than that.
> - None of this resolve the issue of HTML translate which has a different behavior than ITS translate for attributes.




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