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On 25.4.2013 17:20, Karl Fritsche wrote:


> On the other hand, if we would have such logos for each data category, 

> these could also be used in the implementation. Like in our case to 

> use these as buttons for the WYSIWYG editor or in other 

> implementations to add these as example in menus. Would be a great recognition value across all implementation.

> But I'm not sure in how many other implementations you would have a use for these.


Folks, In past months we had our heads deep inside ITS. But we should be sensible -- no one except us will be able to recognize slightly differences in the set of supported data categories. If we will be lucky users will recognize *one* generic ITS logo. We can't expect more from them and we shouldn't spare cycles on this. Just create one simple and easy to recognize logo for ITS.






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