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Adressing more error cases ?

agenda for next monday's (10/15) meeting available

Agenda for October 1, 2012

Agenda for October 8, 2012 or is it for October 15? (please, read and reply!)

Are more restrictions on PUT needed?

BPR: Is redirection permitted?

Documenting an an explicit URI to be used for representing POSTed new LDPC members

Editor's draft marked up with open ISSUES

First Public Working Draft

handling of issues in meetings

Introduction - MyProfile.

ISSUE-8 changes completed LDBP=>LDP

LDP Agenda for 22 October 2012

LDP F2F agenda

LDP Use Cases and Requirements

LDP user story: sharing binary resources and metadata

ldp-ISSUE-10 (Guidance around ETags): Include clarifications and guidance around ETags [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-11 (Server-managed properties): Do we need to define server-managed properties or do we leave them to applications? [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-12 (HTTP PATCH for creation): Can HTTP PATCH be used for resource creation? [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-13 (BPC representations with member triples): Include clarifications about BPC representations that include member triples [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-14 (BPC representation ordering): Include clarifications about ordering in BPC representations [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-15 (sharing binary resources and metadata): sharing binary resources and metadata [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-16 (stevebattle): Redirection of non-information resources to BPRs [Use Cases and Requirements]

ldp-ISSUE-17 (changesets): changesets as a recommended PATCH format [Use Cases and Requirements]

ldp-ISSUE-18 (container membership): container membership and robust pagination [Use Cases and Requirements]

ldp-ISSUE-19 (more error cases): Adressing more error cases [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-2 (BPR versioning): Do BPR versions get managed in a systematic, discoverable way? [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-20 (POSTed resources): Identifying and naming POSTed resources [Use Cases and Requirements]

ldp-ISSUE-21 (Reverse membership predicates): container affordances [Use Cases and Requirements]

ldp-ISSUE-22 (json-ld): Need to normatively reference and recommend JSON-LD [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-23 (rdf-xml): Remove application/rdf+xml as a SHOULD [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-24 (remain deleted): Should DELETED resources remain deleted? [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-25 (Aggregation): Strict aggregation and strong composition in containers [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-26 (creation): creation model for LDP [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-9 (Properties in BPR representations): Should properties used in BPR representations be BPRs? [Linked Data Platform core]

Linked Data Platform 1.0 FPWD is out!

Linked Data Platform ISSUE-20: What is the base URI of a POSTed document?

Linked Data Simple Storage Specification

Minutes of 1 October 2012

Minutes of 15 October 2012

Minutes of 22 October 2012

Minutes of 8 October 2012

monday attendance - no ericP

Operations on containers

Pingback, again - Was: Re: Use-Cases and call for help to add descriptions and scenarios.


Regrets and progress report

Regrets for Oct 22

Resource creation with RDF/POST

Review and Comments for Linked Data Platform FPWD

Scope of the Use Cases & Requirements document

Speech Acts, indexicals, REST & RDF

Towards our First Public Working Draft (was Re: ISSUE-8 changes completed LDBP=>LDP)

TPAC Lyon meeting for WebID, RWW & Social Web community groups

UC: Evolving people/project information

Updates in the Editor's Draft

Use-Cases and call for help to add descriptions and scenarios ISSUE-16

Use-Cases and call for help to add descriptions and scenarios.


What is the document base URI of a POSTed document?

Would we need to differentiate "direct containers" and "indirect ones" ?

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