Re: ldp-ISSUE-24 (remain deleted): Should DELETED resources remain deleted? [Linked Data Platform core]

Hi all,

Let me clarify my concerns in Issue 24, based on David’s questions.

>> 4.5.1 BPR servers must remove the resource identified by the Request-URI. After a successful HTTP DELETE, a subsequent HTTP GET on the same Request-URI must result in a 404 (Not found) or 410 (Gone) status code, until another resource is created or associated with the same Request-URI.
>> Isn't the creation of another resource in contradiction with Cool URIs?
> Yes, but that is guidance, not a standard.  My two cents is that LDP should encourage ("SHOULD") Cool URIs but not demand them (via "MUST"). 

I fully agree here.
My issue is that the spec seems to suggest *not* to use Cool URIs, why in fact, I don’t think we should make any suggestion in any direction whatsoever. Specifically, the word “another” is a problem.

Therefore, I suggest changing the final subclause to “until a subsequent action associates a resource with the Request-URI."
This leaves open whether this resource should be the same or different.

> These are decisions the server would need to make based on its own URI management policies, not something it can decide based on the content of the DELETE message itself.

Yes, but the spec should leave open what those are.
I think we should recommend against reusing URIs for different resource though, but not enforce it.



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