Use-Cases and call for help to add descriptions and scenarios.

I've completed the first pass through the user stories and the LBP 1.0 document to create an initial set of use-cases - not much more than headings for the most part <>. Each of these now needs to be described in more detail with example concrete scenarios (which may later be developed into test cases). See UC-BPR1 as an example. I've included preliminary issues below for initial comment before adding to the issues list, and invite anyone who wants to chip in with detail on any of these use-cases to simply let me know then edit the wiki directly.

Some user-stories raise issues which are currently out of scope (versioning, combined POST of binary+RDF) that will not been captured as use-cases unless they are deemed in-scope by the group. The aim is for this document to provide clarification for the current in-scope features.

More work needs to be done on non-functional requirements to satisfy the latter half of the "Use Cases and Requirements" title, but that's for another day.

I hope to have the full descriptions and scenarios in place for next Monday, so the more hands the merrier.

UC-BPR1: Retrieve RDF representation of a resource
	• Are non-resolvable non-information resources supported, and are they redirected to BPRs?
	• Is Last-Modified returned in the entity header?

UC-BPR2: Update existing resource
	• Should the basic profile recommend at least one patch format, so that we are able to develop concrete examples and test-cases; for example the Talis Changeset <>

UC-BPR3: Determine if a resource has changed
	• Can the Last-Modified date be used in addition to the entity tag?

UC-BPR4: Delete resource

UC-BPR5: Create resource

UC-BPC1: List resources within a container
	• The member resources may include non-information resources.

UC-BPC2: Create resource within a container
	• How does the created resource relate to the RDF description? Does the document base have the same referent as the created resource?
	• Should POST support a user supplied local-name 'hint', to support more human-readable URIs?

UC-BPC3: Retrieve non-member properties of a container

UC-BPC4: Add existing resource or container to a container
	• According to the Linked Data Basic Profile 1.0, PUT and PATCH should not be used:- "BPC servers should not allow HTTP PUT to update a BPC’s members" and should only use "HTTP PATCH as the preferred method for updating BPC non-membership properties." See ISSUE-7.
	• As BPCs as noted as being potentially large memberships, sending a whole, updated BPC after changes is not practical. See ISSUE-7.

UC-BPC5: Update container non-membership properties

UC-BPC6: Determine if a container has changed

UC-BPC7: Delete a container
	• Where BPR's are managed by a container, they may be deleted along with the container. See ISSUE-7, 'The doc talks about the "the BPC that was used to create it [BPR]"
(5.6.2) and "should remove it from any other containers..." This means the creating container is distinguished and needs to manage the BPRs is creates separately from those it did not.'

UC-BPC8: Remove a resource from a container without deleting it

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