Re: ldp-ISSUE-24 (remain deleted): Should DELETED resources remain deleted? [Linked Data Platform core]

HI Andy,

> The guidance needs to be carefully worded - it gets interesting around making revisions/corrections for mistakes, and for time-varying resources like today's weather forecast.

To address the weather forecast case, we can reuse Fielding’s definition of a resource, which includes the time-variant aspect:

[…], a resource R is a temporally varying membership function MR(t), which for time t maps to a set of entities, or values, which are equivalent. […] Some resources are static in the sense that, when examined at any time after their creation, they always correspond to the same value set. Others have a high degree of variance in their value over time. The only thing that is required to be static for a resource is the semantics of the mapping, since the semantics is what distinguishes one resource from another.



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