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[1.2T-LC] Inheritance of display-align

[1.2T-LC] Inheritance of display-align (ISSUE-2168)

[Css Variables] Variable Declaration Blocks


[css2.1 paged media] percent page margins

[css2.1] [css3-fonts] Ambiguities relating to UNICODE-RANGE tokens

[CSS21] 4.4. "BOM and/or @charset"

[CSS21] 4.4. Decoding style sheets using the referring style sheet or document

[CSS21] @charset encoding delimiter

[css21] Allowed page breaks

[CSS21] Collapsing Margins

[CSS21] CR-CSS21-20070719, 6.4.3 Selector specificity

[CSS21] Issue 70 (collapsing margins and block formatting contexts)

[CSS21] Remove text about avoiding page breaks within floats, tables, and blocks with borders

[CSS21] Spaces, non-breaking spaces, ideographic spaces and the word-spacing property

[CSS21] stack level definitions in 9.9.1

[CSS21] Table Column Group Widths

[CSS21] text-transform on generated content?

[CSS21] What does 'text-transform: capitalize' mean, exactly?

[css21]font-size on html?

[CSS3 Text] Emphasis marks in Japanese text

[css3-background] New Working Draft of CSS Backgrounds and Borders Level 3

[css3-gcpm] border-length

[css3-gcpm] More feedback

[css3-gcpm][css3-box] float

[css3-gcpm][css3-page] Page counters

[css3-mediaqueries] Comments on the last working draft

[css3-mediaqueries] Concern about bounds on min- and max- prefixes

[css3-mediaqueries] feedback on device-aspect-ratio, aspect-ratio and orientation

[css3-mediaqueries] New draft of Media Queries

[css3-multicol] column overflow

[css3-page] font-size

[CSS3-page] Headers and Footers on Blank Pages

[css3-page] Page area changes within a document

[css3-selectors] :not grammar issue

[css3-selectors] details of :nth-child() syntax

[css3-selectors] How do *-of-type selectors define the type?

[CSS3-text] Proposal: text-shadow enhancements

[CSSWG] Minutes and Resolutions 2008-09-17

[CSSWG] Minutes and Resolutions 2008-10-01

[CSSWG] Minutes and Resolutions 2008-10-08

[gcpm] border-parts

[gcpm][grid] border-parts

[Proposal] CSS: Access to system colors, also, color filters

[SVGMobile12] Lack of BIDI 'direction'

[SVGMobile12] Lack of BIDI 'direction' (ISSUE-2058)

[SVGMobile12] text-align incompatible with CSS (ISSUE-2057 ACTION-2200 ACTION-2211)

[validator] the @profile at-rule

a couple ideas

bug in the CSS grammar definition

CSS Aliases

CSS usage

CSS3 @font-face / EOT Fonts

css3-multicol column overflow

CSS3-selectors: Pseudo Elements only once or multiple times per selector?

Float Index suggestion

Float Model

Fully transparent text and text-shadow

Fwd: [css3-multicol] column overflow

greater-than and less-than use of :nth-child() (was Re: Selectors in jQuery)

Here's some test and inconsistent results between browsers

How ::selection works on nested elements

Missing css properties?

Multiple Table Captions

nerdy matters

online poll, CSS Animations

Outside list bullets and text-align


Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Tiny 1.2 Specification should link to CSS2.1 CR

Selector for tags with a certain child.

Selector Sugar


Selectors in jQuery

Selectors Tests

standardization of IE's conditional comments

Styling by attribute-based association?

XML-based CSS

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