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[css3-mediaqueries] Comments on the last working draft

From: Sergiu Dumitriu <sergiu@xwiki.com>
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 19:02:27 +0200
Message-ID: <48FF5CA3.5070406@xwiki.com>
To: www-style@w3.org


A few comments on the media queries draft published on October 15th, 2008.

Section 2, Media Queries
In Example XI, missing space: "does not apply to ‘tty’|_|devices..."

Duplicate word: "User Agents _agents_ are expected..."

Section 4.13, grid
Typo: "Since the exact *with* of an ‘em’..."

Also, I'm not sure that this phrasing best describes the situation. An
'em' always occupies exactly a cell, so we can easily determine this width.

Should the 'ex' be also described, since it has a similar meaning?

Section 5, Values
Is 'solidus' the best term? Wikipedia states that the solidus is
actually U+2044, maybe authors will be inclined to use that symbol
instead of the forward slash.

Sergiu Dumitriu
Received on Wednesday, 22 October 2008 17:03:09 UTC

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