RE: CSS3 @font-face / EOT Fonts

There is a way to programmatically load font resources from files, including the web. It does involve code though, and at that point I am not sure if it is possible to control where a resource is coming from and what is done with it. If there is interest in learning more about what how installing fonts from code works I’ll refer to somebody in Silverlight.

It seems the point of the argument is “Silverlight argument” is that Microsoft is against declarative linking to bare TTF files, while it has a product that implements exactly that. The answer is that Microsoft had a product that had functionality that we consider wrong. Microsoft has admitted it was a mistake and removed the feature.

It seems that the proper order of actions to make further progress here should be

a)      Define what is the right way to do (and not to do)

b)      Review existing implementations (if any) for compliance with the new standard/rules

c)       Change non-compliant implementations if necessary

It is possible that participants of this discussion find that they have implementations that don’t comply with standards being developed. IMO it must not be an obstacle to creating a solution that works and then following it.


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Silverlight 2 is in fact different, it has removed support for loading bare TTF files from markup.

OK, but it can still load and use bare font files via the WebClient and FontSource APIs, if this documentation is accurate. (Search for references to fonts and FontSource)

Is there some degree of syntactic inconvenience that makes serving of bare TTF files acceptable?

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