CSS usage

Opera today announced results from its MAMA (Metadata Analysis and
Mining Application) search engine [1]. The MAMA search engine scours
3.5 million Web pages, and the resulting data can answer questions
such as "can I get a sampling of Web pages that have more than 100
hyperlinks?" or "what does an average Web page look like?".

MAMA also tells us interesting things about CSS usage [2]. For

  - CSS is used on 80.39% of the URLs tested
  - CSS now beats the FONT tag in popularity (yeay!)
  - color, font-size and font-family are the three most popular
  - orphans, counter-increment, and counter-reset are the three least
    used CSS 2.1 properties

[1] http://www.opera.com/pressreleases/en/2008/10/15/
[2] http://dev.opera.com/articles/view/mama-key-findings/#css


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