Re: [css3-multicol] column overflow

Also sprach David Hyatt:

 > > This is a simple solution that could work. It raises the issue of
 > > where borders set on the multicol element should be drawn -- around
 > > (a) only the original multicol element, (b) around the original as
 > > well as every cloned element, or (c) one border around all elements.
 > >
 > > I favor (b).
 > I think it's wrong to think of this in terms of cloning the original  
 > multicol element.  All you're doing is making more column boxes inside  
 > that element (within the padding box).  Given that the multicol  
 > element can contain positioned content that has to be reachable via  
 > overflow I think (c) is the right answer.

But then you're not really honoring the setting on
'max-height'/'height' -- you're just interpreting
'max-height'/'height' to describe the length of columns rather than
the height of the element. In which case, perhaps we should solve this
problem with a 'max-column-length' property instead?

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Received on Thursday, 16 October 2008 22:43:13 UTC