Re: [CSS21] What does 'text-transform: capitalize' mean, exactly?

Les Brown wrote:

> My dictionaries say that capitalize means "put ALL the text in capitals"
> but I guess it's too late to change the spec.

A capitalized text is where the first letter in every word is uppercase,
like this:
The Quick Brown Fox Jumbed Over The Lazy Dog.

> When I Worked with Printed Documents the Term We Used for Putting the
> FIRST Character of Each Word in Uppercase was "initial caps." But the
> Convention Was to Leave Minor Words, such as Prepositions, Articles, and
> Latin Abbreviations like "i.e.", Entirely in Lowercase. I suspect that
> this would be difficult to implement.

I'd say that an abbreviation like i.e. or f.x. should be in uppercase, it
makes more sense since an abbreviation are a shortend word, but if it's
practiacally possible is another questiong. Could some typographer tell what
the normal is to do?

> Also, if a future version of the spec introduces a "capitalize-all" text
> transformation, what should happen to camel-case text like "WebKit"?

Now this raises an even bigger question.

<span style="text-transform:lowercase">
   TeX is a typesetting program made by Donald Knuth.
   <span style="text-transform:capitalize">
       Few people write in raw TeX, most do it in LaTeX

What will this render as?
tex is a typesetting program made by donald knuth. Few People Write In Raw
Te?, Most Do It In La?e?

What is the right way?

Hilsen Henrik Enggaard Hansen

Received on Tuesday, 21 October 2008 13:21:28 UTC