Re: Multiple Table Captions

On Oct 29, 2008, at 5:18 PM, fantasai wrote:

> Forwarding here for future reference. The original use case is,
> Michael Day wrote:
>> - Allowing table captions to be repeated on each page that a
>>   table appears on, not just the first page. (Perhaps a
>>   caption-repeat property?)
>> - Allowing table captions to be changed on subsequent pages.
>>   The classic example is:
>>    first page:  Table 1
>>    next page:   Table 1 (cont.)

Actually, it would be good to have both the caption and the column  
headers visible whenever and wherever there are table rows visible.  
This would be good for both pages media and screen. I could see this  
as a new value for  "position", similar to "fixed", that would keep  
the caption and/or thead immobile once you scrolled the page enough so  
that any further scrolling would otherwise cause it to be clipped.  
Call it "position:persistent". The idea being that on long tables, you  
would always be able to see the headers to know which column was what,  
or a caption to identify what table it is. Thus, this property would  
then be used to keep captions and/or theads visible on paged media  
too, as long as there would also be rows of the same table to be shown  
on that page.

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