Re: Styling by attribute-based association?

David Hyatt wrote:
> Another (IMO simpler) idea would be to just have label match the same 
> pseudo-classes that the control does, i.e., if a checkbox is :checked, 
> then the label can match :checked too.  Same for :disabled, :enabled, 
> :indeterminate, and :focus.  I don't see any reason to introduce new 
> selectors to solve this problem.

Let's go back in time for a second since this issue was raised precisely
3 years ago : my opinion as both Selectors' editor and CSS WG
co-chairman is that this issue is outside of the scope of the CSS
Working Group and it's up to the markup language to state that this or
that state set on the control is mirrored onto the label having a
|for| attribute targeting that control. To summarize, it's IMHO an
HTML5 issue.
Of course, that's just me but I'll support that idea until my last drop
of blood ;-)


Received on Thursday, 16 October 2008 12:45:16 UTC