Re: Outside list bullets and text-align

On Monday 2008-10-06 13:56 -0500, David Hyatt wrote:
> WebKit currently ignores text-align when positioning outside list  
> bullets.  Every other major browser respects text-align when determining 
> the position of outside list bullets.
> I believe WebKit's rendering is correct according to the current 2.1  
> spec, but it seems like the specification should be amended if Firefox, 
> Opera and IE all render the other way.

The specification currently leaves it undefined:
  # CSS 2.1 does not specify the precise location of the marker box.
What text makes you think it's defined otherwise?

I think it was left undefined largely because of the general complex
of issues related to list items flowing around floats (and
REC-CSS2's solution being incompatible with the Web), for which
css3-box module has a potentially better solution.  That said, I
think that solution needs a little work:

Gecko changed its behavior not too long ago -- a little before
Firefox 3:
to match what other browsers were doing regarding flow around
floats; I suspect this was a side-effect of that change.

It's possible we could make the text a bit more defined, although
we might just want to wait for css3 at this point.


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