Re: [validator] the @profile at-rule

Gabriele Romanato wrote:
> Many authors experience several problems in the use of the validator's URI syntax.
> Instead of using the string &profile I propose the @profile at rule to be put at
> the very beginning of a style sheet. The syntax of this rule is the same as the charset one.
> Possible values: css1, css2, css2.1, css3. Example:
> @profile "css3";
> #nav li:last-child {border-right: none}

Hi Gabriele,

The CSSWG discussed having version identifiers in the style sheet
awhile ago and concluded not to do this. Instead, the validator
should validate against all properties in CR or higher, and if
someone wanted a specific profile (like CSS2.1 only, or Mobile
Profile only) then they could select that profile.

We also suggested that the validator could have a schema format
for listing properties valid in a particular format. That way the
CSS authoring community could come up with various profiles for
"safe" properties based on what browsers X, Y, Z support.


Received on Thursday, 2 October 2008 00:18:34 UTC