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>  There is a way to programmatically load font resources from files,
> including the web. It does involve code though, and at that point I am not
> sure if it is possible to control where a resource is coming from and what
> is done with it.

Perhaps not, but in that case, FontSource should have been removed to
satisfy the "no bare TTFs" requirement, at the same time as FontFamily was
changed. I don't understand why you would restrict FontFamily and but retain

It seems the point of the argument is "Silverlight argument" is that
> Microsoft is against *declarative linking to bare TTF files*, while it has
> a product that implements exactly that.

Actually this is the first time I've seen "declarative" identified as the
crux of unacceptability. So in your view, a scriptable API to use bare TTF
files in IE would be acceptable?

But I agree with Hakon here. It can't really matter whether the client-side
functionality that induces authors to place TTF files on servers is scripted
or declarative (even if there is a solid distinction between those two,
which I doubt). If you adhere to the argument that bare TTF files on servers
devastate the font industry, then all such functionality is unacceptable.

> a)      Define what is the right way to do (and not to do)
> b)      Review existing implementations (if any) for compliance with the
> new standard/rules
> c)       Change non-compliant implementations if necessary

That sounds reasonable to me, except I can't believe Microsoft would ship a
Silverlight update that deliberately breaks deployed Silverlight 2
applications, so I doubt Microsoft's willingness to take step 3. Which
reminds me to ask, has Microsoft updated Silverlight 1, or will Silverlight
1 applications always be able to render bare TTF files?

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