Re: CSS Aliases

On Oct 7, 2008, at 9:14 AM, Barry Rader wrote:

> Given your second example how hard would it be to have a "<tr  
> class='alternateRow oddRow'>"

It wouldn't be hard at all, but part of the idea behind CSS is that  
you should theoretically be able to style a page without modifying its  
markup in any way. This is a convenience to make that "more possible."

> The major problem I see with what your suggesting what happens when  
> someone does this.
> @alias selector(.alternateRow) selector(#myTable tr.oddRow)
> @alias selector(#myTable tr.oddRow) selector(.alternateRow)
> You might think that unlikely but it will happen. Circular reference  
> in this case would be difficult to deal with to say the least.

Very good point, had not thought of that.

Perhaps my solution isn't the best out there, but I definitely think  
we need a little something to help out. :)


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