Outside list bullets and text-align


WebKit currently ignores text-align when positioning outside list  
bullets.  Every other major browser respects text-align when  
determining the position of outside list bullets.

I believe WebKit's rendering is correct according to the current 2.1  
spec, but it seems like the specification should be amended if  
Firefox, Opera and IE all render the other way.

text-indent should be considered also when making a decision, since I  
believe respecting text-align should imply respecting text-indent as  
well (Opera and IE do this, but Firefox does not).

Respecting these properties will affect discussions about how outside  
list markers should work with overflow as well (I think you can't make  
the argument that the bullet should be "unclipped" by the overflow any  
more once you start respecting text-align and text-indent).


Received on Monday, 6 October 2008 18:57:20 UTC