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Also sprach fantasai:

 > > [1]

 > I'd rather keep the 'page' counter in css3-page. 


 > There's already a detailed
 > discussion of page-based counters in the Editor's Draft.

That's good. I don't think we should give the 'page' counter a
different scope than other counters, though. I'd like to be able to
reset the 'page' counter from any element, not just from the page
context. For example, in a book you may have:

  <div class=titlepage>...</div>
  <div class=abstract>...</div>
  <div class=chapter>...</div>
  <div class=chapter>...</div>

And you want to reset the page counter at the first chapter. It seems
unnecessarily compex to have to define a named page for this purpose
when you could do:

  <div class=titlepage>...</div>
  <div class=abstract>...</div>
  <div class=chapter style="counter-reset: page 1" >...</div>
  <div class=chapter>...</div>

Which is actually used in this document:

 > As for 'pages', I could go either way. We can add it to css3-page and mark
 > it at-risk; that would be my preference.

I'm fine with that as well.

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