Re: [css3-multicol] column overflow

"One alternative method that has been suggested (most recently by David
Storey) is to place the overflow content underneath the first set. One
can think of this as cloning the original multicol element as many
times as necessary and stacking them on top of each other.
Margin/padding/border set on the original multicol elements will also
be honored for the cloned elements."

How would you specify the vertical spacing between these column  
pages?  In the case of overflow:auto, I would not expect margins or  
borders on the multicol element to be duplicated, since the scrollbar  
sits just inside the border.

Here are some ideas:

(1) Perhaps the vertical padding on the multicol element could be used  
to determine spacing.  The vertical space between any two column pages  
could be max(padding-top, padding-bottom).
(2) Reuse column-gap but apply it vertically.
(3) Make up a new property to control spacing between the pages...  
column-page-gap or something. :)


Received on Thursday, 16 October 2008 21:54:28 UTC