Re: Selectors Tests

fantasai wrote:
> Well, the Selectors spec is fixable. Daniel and I are actively
> editing it now. However I don't think I agree that :enabled/:disabled
> should not apply to type="hidden". The distinction does exist for
> hidden controls as well, does it not?

Indeed.  Disabled hidden inputs do not submit.

If that's the sort of distinction we want for :enabled/:disabled, that's 
also fine by me; the spec text just needs to be adjusted to handle that, 

> An interesting question would be what happens if I write
>   input[type="hidden"] { display: inline; }
> Would I get nothing? A readonly input control? Something else?

I have no idea.  In Gecko, hidden inputs basically have a UA 
"display:none!important", but there's nothing preventing other UAs from 
doing something else, I guess...


Received on Thursday, 30 October 2008 23:17:26 UTC