a couple ideas

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to present a couple of ideas I've been thinking of:

allow no cursor to be shown

..class {cursor:none;}

allow styling of file input elements:

first declare classes for each of the 2 elements

..button {background:#000000; color:#ffffff;}
..text {background:#000000; color:#ffffff; border:1px solid #ff0000;}

and then set a global class for the element which defines the classes
for the button and textfield

input.input_class {
	button-class: button;
	text-class: text;

another way could be like so:

input.input_class:button {background:#000000; color:#ffffff;}
input.input_class:text {background:#000000; color:#ffffff; border:1px
solid #ff0000;}

or something to that effect, it's something that has been noticably
absent I think.

Also, what about this?


this tells an element to increase it's height/width to fully enclose
it's child elements

Just some food for thought anyway.


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Received on Saturday, 4 October 2008 05:11:34 UTC