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On Sat, 2008-10-04 at 14:17 +0200, Jens Meiert wrote:
> > ..class {cursor:none;}
> Why would you want to do that?
in web applications mainly, where the mouses movement is used to run
events but the physical position of it is irrelevant or causes confusion
with the occurring event. Or on a page/element where the mouse has no
functionality but does interfere with the pages appearance.

> > allow styling of file input elements:
> That looks like a classic, however, would you mind explaining the
> proposed solution?
first declare classes for each of the 2 elements(button and text field),
these can be the same classes used on other elements, nothing special

 .button {background:#000000; color:#ffffff;}
 .text {background:#000000; color:#ffffff; border:1px solid #ff0000;}

and then set a global class for the element which defines the classes
for the button and text field. This is the difference:

the file input element gets it's own class, this is used solely to
assign classes to each of the elements within it

button-class: assigns a class to the button element of the file input

text-class: assigns a class to the text field element of the file input

I guess these would be more like variables, or possibly sub-classes,
rather than true style attributes, but it should work.

input.input_class {
        button-class: button;
        text-class: text;

> > overflow:expand;
> I'm not sure I understand, how's that different from standard behavior?
auto will cause floated or relatively positioned elements to overflow
the parent.
expand would force an element to completely encase it's children,
including any that are relatively positioned or floated.

> > ..class {cursor:none;}
> > ..button {background:#000000; color:#ffffff;}
> > ..text {background:#000000; color:#ffffff; border:1px solid #ff0000;}
> In case this isn't just three times the same typo: Class selectors use
> only one period [1].
No idea why 2 appeared, I swear I only typed one.

> [1]
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