Re: Multiple Table Captions

Brad Kemper wrote:
> Actually, it would be good to have both the caption and the column 
> headers visible whenever and wherever there are table rows visible.

I've wished for this a few times, but see below...

> keep the caption and/or thead immobile once you scrolled the page enough

So if the caption is below the table and the thead is above and the 
table is taller than the screen, would the caption render on top of 
other parts of the table?

Also, I assume the whole thing should scroll on horizontal scroll?  Or 
should <th> elements in the first column not scroll then?

I should also note that something like this would also be possible if 
table row groups could be made scrollable.

 > Thus, this property would then be
> used to keep captions and/or theads visible on paged media too, as long 
> as there would also be rows of the same table to be shown on that page.

How does this work if the thead or caption is taller than a page?


Received on Thursday, 30 October 2008 06:53:22 UTC