Re: Selectors

David Hyatt wrote:
> In WebKit, :hover is hierarchical (and effectively DOM-based).  We 
> determine what element is hit, and then that element and all ancestors 
> up the DOM tree are considered to be in :hover.  The same is true for 
> :active.  It doesn't matter if the ancestor doesn't happen to spatially 
> contain the child (and why should it... consider wanting to highlight a 
> hierarchical menu when you're browsing around in a popped up submenu).
> I honestly do not think we (Apple) can change this behavior.  It's 
> fundamental to WebKit apps on OS X that our :hover/:active work this way 
> and has been for years.

Test case attached... Make the pointer hover over the rightmost
block and see the other one become yellow too. Not surprising
if you have some DOM knowledge, extremely surprising if you take
a look at the name of our pseudo-class "hover".


Received on Thursday, 16 October 2008 19:21:19 UTC