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ie6, tabbing and website navigation design Jonathan Chetwynd (Saturday, 29 September)

Fw: FW: Link to the new White House website now up and running David Poehlman (Friday, 28 September)

Wired News: Accessibility of News Sites Kynn Bartlett (Thursday, 27 September)

Students in HWG Accessible Web Design course Kynn Bartlett (Wednesday, 26 September)

test Jonathan Chetwynd (Tuesday, 25 September)

Tone Jonathan Chetwynd (Tuesday, 25 September)

Re: HPR renders alt and title (was: lynx & title attribute) Phill Jenkins (Monday, 24 September)

Fw: Web Page for Determining Accessibility David Poehlman (Monday, 24 September)

[w3c-wai-ig] <none> Iribar Jon (Monday, 24 September)

AccessiBlog updated Joe Clark (Saturday, 22 September)

Drop Down Menu Accessibility Mike Paciello (Friday, 21 September)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Distance Learning Course on Web Accessibility Jon Gunderson (Friday, 21 September)

Anyone interested in testing a content management system? Chris Croome (Friday, 21 September)

One-Stop Shopping Database John A Borkowski/NE/USDAFS (Friday, 21 September)

Speaker for Web SIG Terry Hammon (Thursday, 20 September)

lynx & title attribute Jonathan Chetwynd (Thursday, 20 September)

browsers and xhtml Jonathan Chetwynd (Thursday, 20 September)

Last Call: HWG "Accessible Web Design" Online Course Kynn Bartlett (Wednesday, 19 September)

problem fixing in InFocus 4.0 Viral.Patel@exim.gov (Wednesday, 19 September)

Re: A Plea For Tolerance - please forward if you wish Demonpenta2@aol.com (Tuesday, 18 September)

OT: A Plea For Tolerance - please forward if you wish Hewitt, Denise (Tuesday, 18 September)

Not a bad article on Accessiblity Michael R. Burks (Monday, 17 September)

info: Fw: The St. Johns University server is down David Poehlman (Monday, 17 September)

lexical discussions: David Poehlman (Saturday, 15 September)

Media: simplicity In Web Design Patrick Burke (Friday, 14 September)

Fw: CHANGE: any-browser List Change David Poehlman (Friday, 14 September)

FYI: ACE-Grid, Who? Al Gilman (Thursday, 13 September)

'onmousewheel' Jonathan Chetwynd (Thursday, 13 September)

empty table cells (was RE: how to use thead and tbody) Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au (Thursday, 13 September)

request: captioned resources about attacks gregory j. rosmaita (Wednesday, 12 September)

RE: Emergency assistance for stranded disabled flyers Gatewood, Joy (Wednesday, 12 September)

how to use thead and tbody Viral.Patel@exim.gov (Wednesday, 12 September)

it pours in:Fw: [Lockergnome Windows Daily] America's Steadfast Spirit David Poehlman (Wednesday, 12 September)

tourbus story on yesterday's attack: David Poehlman (Wednesday, 12 September)

Fw: Emergency assistance for stranded disabled flyers David Poehlman (Tuesday, 11 September)

emergency email network: David Poehlman (Tuesday, 11 September)

condolences Jonathan Chetwynd (Tuesday, 11 September)

shocked condolences Paul Davis (Tuesday, 11 September)

RE: story from the LA Times Sharon Dennison (Monday, 10 September)

XHTML Jonathan Chetwynd (Sunday, 9 September)

Our guide to helping people with a learning difficulty get the most from the web Jonathan Chetwynd (Sunday, 9 September)

Fw: Accessibility Strand Call @ ED-MEDIA 2002 (Denver, Colorado) David Poehlman (Saturday, 8 September)

media:Microsoft offers free seminar on 508 & web sites in DC on 9/26 David Poehlman (Thursday, 6 September)

Alt tags Sharon Dennison (Thursday, 6 September)

Accessible Organization Charts Tyler Kendall (Tuesday, 4 September)

Accessibility and Pop-Up Ads Hewitt, Denise (Monday, 3 September)

PDF Files and Copyright Graham Oliver (Monday, 3 September)

font sizes Paul Davis (Friday, 31 August)

Map element read by screen readers Rebecca Cox (Thursday, 30 August)

HTML Writers Guild merges with International Webmasters Association Kynn Bartlett (Thursday, 30 August)

Today's WEB SITE ACCESSIBILITY eSEMINAR Hewitt, Denise (Wednesday, 29 August)

Call for Review of the XML Accessibility Guidelines Daniel Dardailler (Wednesday, 29 August)

Problems accessing latest version of guidelines Graham Oliver (Tuesday, 28 August)

Please review: WCAG 2.0 Working Draft (Second/Public) Judy Brewer (Tuesday, 28 August)

New HTML Writers Guild Mailing List Kynn Bartlett (Tuesday, 28 August)

Online Course: September "Accessible Web Design" at HTML Writers Guild Kynn Bartlett (Tuesday, 28 August)

Has anyone tried Internet Explorer v6.0 (final) for accessiblity? Phillip Pi (Tuesday, 28 August)

Font Sizes - units of measure Fraser Crichton (Monday, 27 August)

story from the LA Times (apologies for the cross post) Hewitt, Denise (Monday, 27 August)

Font sizes Paul Davis (Monday, 27 August)

Bengali on the web? Danny Ayers (Monday, 27 August)

RE: FW: WCAG In Haiku; From William's Terse Version; Hope These Are Helpful Charles F. Munat (Saturday, 25 August)

Fw: Design and Architecture of a Content-Rich Web Site David Poehlman (Friday, 24 August)

More: Disability Type Analysis of WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 Kynn Bartlett (Friday, 24 August)

Disability Type Analysis of WCAG 1.0 Kynn Bartlett (Friday, 24 August)

announcement:Fw: WEB SITE ACCESSIBILITY eSEMINAR David Poehlman (Friday, 24 August)

other expreassion fo disabled people/ haiku, poems Ineke van der Maat (Friday, 24 August)

Alt Tags and HTML 4.0 Michael R. Burks (Thursday, 23 August)

FW: WCAG In Haiku; From William's Terse Version; Hope These Are Helpful Charles F. Munat (Wednesday, 22 August)

FW: WCAG In Haiku; From William's Terse Version; Hope These Are Helpful Charles F. Munat (Wednesday, 22 August)

Fw: RetroAccess Free Demo David Poehlman (Wednesday, 22 August)

media: Go Joe! "king Of Closed Captions": David Poehlman (Wednesday, 22 August)

Happy billionth or trillionth which ever the case may be: David Poehlman (Wednesday, 22 August)

compliance retailer: David Poehlman (Wednesday, 22 August)

AccessKeys and what to use - Browser Support Graham Oliver (Wednesday, 22 August)

AccessKeys and what to use Graham Oliver (Wednesday, 22 August)

Web Accessibility Research Centers Kynn Bartlett (Tuesday, 21 August)

Infamous article now online Joe Clark (Tuesday, 21 August)

Fw: answers to questions on:AOL Focused Beta Test for Accessibility David Poehlman (Tuesday, 21 August)

RE: netscape 6.1 and mozilla 0.9.3 Joel Sanda (Monday, 20 August)

netscape 6.1 Jonathan Chetwynd (Monday, 20 August)

Brainbench Web Accessibility test Kynn Bartlett (Sunday, 19 August)

Interesting New Technology for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Michael R. Burks (Sunday, 19 August)

Fw: ALT text project David Poehlman (Saturday, 18 August)

Web Accessibility Russell.coates@centrica.co.uk (Friday, 17 August)

Fw: bugs spying David Poehlman (Thursday, 16 August)

media: "look What They did to acrobat" David Poehlman (Thursday, 16 August)

Inability to type ruled not a disability Hewitt, Denise (Thursday, 16 August)

Accessible Flash Joe Clark (Wednesday, 15 August)

Fw: Rendering of ALT text in table header cells David Poehlman (Wednesday, 15 August)

Overly Verbose Alt Tags Patrick Burke (Wednesday, 15 August)

empty alt tags Michelle Podd (Wednesday, 15 August)

Forms & Screen Readers Brooke Dine (Wednesday, 15 August)

media:Fw: Prestigious Awards for DAISY and two of its Leaders David Poehlman (Wednesday, 15 August)

Mike Paciello excellent webcast Harvey Bingham (Tuesday, 14 August)

Further infamy for Joe Clark Joe Clark (Tuesday, 14 August)

Beta testers wanted Madeleine Rothberg (Tuesday, 14 August)

Accessibility of Oracle Forms Lubow Scott (Tuesday, 14 August)

Accessibile discussion forum? Joe Clark (Monday, 13 August)

Accessibile discussion forum? Joe Clark (Monday, 13 August)

Screen readers and full stops michelle.black@sickkids.ca (Monday, 13 August)

accessibile discussion forum? Anthony Quinn (Monday, 13 August)

Fw: a good example of JAWS forms input David Poehlman (Sunday, 12 August)

Re: Good Design using Relatively Simple HTML (Fidelity) Harvey Bingham (Saturday, 11 August)

WCAG 2 simplified Joe Clark (Saturday, 11 August)

Web accessibility course (cross-posted) Paul Bohman (Friday, 10 August)

forwarded:INFO: Announcing the Annotated JavaScript Project David Poehlman (Friday, 10 August)

final report of the Web-Based Education Commission Michael R. Burks (Wednesday, 8 August)

[w3c-wai-ig] <none> Roche, Stephan (Tuesday, 7 August)

Accessible Flash Lubow Scott (Wednesday, 8 August)

Update on W3C/WAI mailing lists Judy Brewer (Thursday, 9 August)

Site Maps and Screen Readers Graham Oliver (Thursday, 9 August)

Please review: Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines, Wombat Judy Brewer (Monday, 6 August)

Captioning and describing video for distance learning Jeff Hiles (Monday, 6 August)

Fwd: Alertbox: First Rule of Usability? Don't Listen to Users Scott Luebking (Sunday, 5 August)

Proposal for 3.4 Success Criteria Joe Clark (Saturday, 4 August)

New checkpoint: identifying language Joe Clark (Saturday, 4 August)

New checkpoint: identifying language Joe Clark (Saturday, 4 August)

List etiquette Joe Clark (Saturday, 4 August)

RE: Accessibility and mailto links [with forms, with subjects, what's bad about it] winsom@graffiti.org (Saturday, 4 August)

Guidelines for background sounds when page loads? Steven McCaffrey (Friday, 3 August)

Re: Bulk use of [free] accessibility checkers (don't) Al Gilman (Friday, 3 August)

Accessibility Software Reviews on CNET's Builder.com Phillip Pi (Friday, 3 August)

Bulk use of accessibility checkers and other auditing tool Brian Kelly (Friday, 3 August)

ION Launches Accessibility Reader Application - Press Release ( David Poehlman (Thursday, 2 August)

Is embedded audio helping accessibility? Michelle Podd (Thursday, 2 August)

[OT] new member testing Michelle Podd (Wednesday, 1 August)

Fw: Info on SSB's 508 Eval Tools David Poehlman (Wednesday, 1 August)

problem with forms Morris, Lynn (Wednesday, 1 August)

Join the Middle Class Rich! jackie55thg@yahoo.com (Monday, 30 July)

oops, equations, meant to send to all of WA IG Steven McCaffrey (Monday, 30 July)

alt text length Jamie Mackay (Sunday, 29 July)

object vs embed + bgsound Jonathan Chetwynd (Saturday, 28 July)

Interactive elements and accessibility rob.duffield@bigpond.com (Friday, 27 July)

exposing element titles & URIs with opera (was Re: dhtmlai focus group?) gregory j. rosmaita (Thursday, 26 July)

Tooltips redux Charles F. Munat (Thursday, 26 July)

Tooltips on element focus Charles F. Munat (Thursday, 26 July)

publication: "the accessible future" David Poehlman (Thursday, 26 July)

Evaluations and Analysis of Current Versions of Section 508 Tools Michael R. Burks (Thursday, 26 July)

RE: 'accessibility & javascript' where are the resources? was Re: Why JavaScript at all? Gatewood, Joy (Tuesday, 24 July)

making the cut Jonathan Chetwynd (Tuesday, 24 July)

Help -ALT tags misbehave- alaghaout@trentu.ca (Tuesday, 24 July)

guideline 7.1 about screen flickering Terrie King (Tuesday, 24 July)

Accessible design is good design Graham Oliver (Tuesday, 24 July)


Fw: AOL Looking for Accessibility Testers David Poehlman (Monday, 23 July)

Fw: Freedom Box is out and ready for purchase! David Poehlman (Monday, 23 July)

WAI linked in Wired article on pop-up stoppers apiner@onebox.com (Saturday, 21 July)

Fw: NEW: Flash Game Development David Poehlman (Saturday, 21 July)

A-Prompt Toolkit Version 1 Laurie Harrison (Thursday, 19 July)

Section 508 - equations? michele_duell@Teamsignal.com (Thursday, 19 July)

Re: accessibility checkers by way of Harvey Bingham (Thursday, 19 July)

full info:Java accessibility helper David Poehlman (Wednesday, 18 July)

Fw: Java accessibility helper David Poehlman (Wednesday, 18 July)

Layout table Yuu Morita (Wednesday, 18 July)

Fw: Gaughan on Web design David Poehlman (Wednesday, 18 July)

Fw: new search engine: David Poehlman (Wednesday, 18 July)

William's Semantic Web Primer Katie Haritos-Shea (Wednesday, 18 July)

Accessible 'Powerpoint like' presentation Graham Oliver (Tuesday, 17 July)

media: "slim down your web page": David Poehlman (Tuesday, 17 July)

position:absolute, tabbing and css in netscape? Jonathan Chetwynd (Tuesday, 17 July)

[media] Voice browsing is on the way Kathleen Anderson (Tuesday, 17 July)

[w3c] Accessibility of Excel docs? Brooke Dine (Monday, 16 July)

Re: Frames & Font Sizes (was Re: 10.4 Re: Checkpoints 10.4 and 10.5) Terje Bless (Sunday, 15 July)

Why JavaScript at all? Kynn Bartlett (Sunday, 15 July)

media:Fw: Fw: New standards for federal sites should apply everywhere David Poehlman (Sunday, 15 July)

images in pdf files Dona Patrick (Friday, 13 July)

Fw: new talking web browser David Poehlman (Friday, 13 July)

Fw: Re: Web Access; When the Rubber Meets the Road David Poehlman (Friday, 13 July)

Online "Accessible Web Design" Course Sample Week Kynn Bartlett (Friday, 13 July)

Fw: NEW: CSS Discussion David Poehlman (Thursday, 12 July)

w3c - Scope attribute in Table tag Brooke Dine (Thursday, 12 July)

Is this tag accessible? Terrie King (Wednesday, 11 July)

Section 508 Training Lubow Scott (Wednesday, 11 July)

screen readers for free Paul Davis (Wednesday, 11 July)

Fw: Library Provides Java Access via ncurses David Poehlman (Wednesday, 11 July)

WAI - Documentation and Procedures Brooke Dine (Tuesday, 10 July)

[media] Designing for diversity Kathleen Anderson (Monday, 9 July)

Re: Fw: MathML and screen readers Laurie Harrison (Monday, 9 July)

Re: MathML and screen readers Laurie Harrison (Monday, 9 July)

Javascript is Access Cryptonite. Martin McCormick (Saturday, 7 July)

MathML Paul Bohman (Friday, 6 July)

help re this mail system Prof Norm Coombs (Friday, 6 July)

Martin Sloan correction Joe Clark (Friday, 6 July)

Fw: EMAZING Internet Tip of the Day - Netscape Beta David Poehlman (Friday, 6 July)

More on using System Colors for navbar Kynn Bartlett (Friday, 6 July)

Single vs. multiple sites for accessibility Tom Gregg (Thursday, 5 July)

Audio description in live broadcasts Joe Clark (Thursday, 5 July)

Jorge Plano's Accessible Web Guidelines in Spanish Michael R. Burks (Wednesday, 4 July)

SVG authoring tool, please recommend one Jonathan Chetwynd (Wednesday, 4 July)

Paper on Web Accessibility and the Law Martin Sloan (Wednesday, 4 July)

hiding accessibility features Jamie Mackay (Wednesday, 4 July)

Paper on Web Accessibility and the Law Martin Sloan (Tuesday, 3 July)

Guideline 10.5 and Table Cells Graham Oliver (Tuesday, 3 July)

RE: Please take a look at this website . . . Morris, Lynn (Tuesday, 3 July)

Fwd: Please take a look at this website . . . jeffrey Pledger (Tuesday, 3 July)

How accessible is Netscape? Martha Wilkes (Tuesday, 3 July)

Fw: Military David Poehlman (Tuesday, 3 July)

Fw: 508/WCAG P1 Side-by-side comparison David Poehlman (Tuesday, 3 July)

testcase example was accessibility, transparent and linked image Jonathan Chetwynd (Tuesday, 3 July)

designing tables with multiple lengthy footnotes to be accessible for screen reader users Pedlow, Robert (Tuesday, 3 July)

what is my problem with: http://www.blair.com? David Poehlman (Monday, 2 July)

Bricollage Jonathan Chetwynd (Monday, 2 July)

Tables for layout Joanne Barrett (Monday, 2 July)

from advanced html list: more on color blind pages: David Poehlman (Monday, 2 July)

Re: Transparency and linked objects was Re: javascript dhtml and browser variations Charles McCathieNevile (Monday, 2 July)

Magic 508 Ball Jim Tobias (Sunday, 1 July)

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