Accessibile discussion forum?

>Is anyone aware of accessible bulletin board / discussion forum software
>which can be moderated and are also accessible? I imagine that email based
>lists are best from the accessibility point of view but perhaps not the most
>manageable from a moderator's point of view.

Listserv is very convenient to moderate, not that moderated mailing 
lists are really the way to go.

>I'm thinking of an "out of the box" solution, something like UBB or

Just this morning I read on some Weblog or other (I could not find 
the mention later on-- it is quite possible to lose things when you 
read a dozen Weblogs twice a day) that UBB now has a version that is 
fully XHTML-compliant. I cannot get <> to 
load, however, to test this theory. XHTML compliance is a very big 
step toward accessibility; among other things, every image has an alt.
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