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-lXp: not found

1.4a Unix version doesn't follow links

88 x 31 for Amaya

<col> rejected

[Announcement] Amaya 1.4 public release

[Announcement] Amaya 1.4a public release

[Moderator Action] undo

a corrupt download?

Also Can't Print From Amaya


amaya 1.4

Amaya 1.4 attempts to use all virtual memory...

Amaya 1.4 is a useful tool

Amaya 1.4a (Win95) opinion

Amaya 1.4a and Thot 2.1e

amaya 1.4b on Linux/Alpha

Amaya and FreeBSD

Amaya and HPUX

amaya compatible with other browser?

Amaya does not work with the network

amaya formatting ?

Amaya license: open source ?

Amaya on macintosh

Amaya/HTML & Euro-s (was: Re: Automatic switch between browse and edit)

Automatic switch between browse and edit

Background colours don't take from style= or stylesheet

Bug? Consecutive empty paragraphs.

Build, make & install Amaya good (but can be better)

can I avoid c:\temp\amaya ?


Comments - figured it out

Compilation bug report

Compiled on another platform...

Could Amaya support ASP script?

Does Amaya support VML?

double click + screen flicker

Double click problem

Double click problem and compiling problem

DTD driven browsers and real world HTML

Earthlink has bogus subscription to www-amaya@w3.org

Edit / browse

Entity bug report

Entity bug report (partial apology)

Following "Could Amaya support ASP script?"

foreign language...

forms problem

Future of Amaya

Grammar enforcement while parsing in Amaya


How to internationalize Amaya?

i want math board. please answer

i want www math board using amaya. please answer

image sizes

Incorrect window positioning

Javascript illegally re-ordered


Make Book feature change request

make book from help

make book from help// and docs

Maxlength spelling in structure view

Menu problems with Amaya 1.3b/AIX

menue help/about


Newbie question : links

No JPEGS in 1.4a for windows

Patch to amaya-1.4a "make install"

PATCH: Amaya 1.3b build FAILS on i586-pc-linux-gnu (Red Hat 5.1).

Plugin and java support for win95 and more...

Porting Thot on Windows

Printig with Amaya

Printig with Amaya - cannot find File/Setup and Print

Printing from Amaya

printing large document

Printing structure view

Probable bug in Amaya

Problem with "make install": Missing file amaya/Amaya?

problem with object

Public Development of Amaya

Question about email links

relative URL in Style Sheet

request and question - Image Maps

Reunify browse and edit modes?

Some Amaya feedback

Structure view doesn't scroll properly

Success building Amaya 1.4a! - and problems.

SV: Automatic switch between browse and edit

Table wider than scrollable area

title in amaya 1.4a


Two bugs in Amaya 1.4a (Solaris)

Use of Amaya image

Use of htm code with other browsers

User Interface

Using Amaya

Why I'm using Amaya [was Re: amaya 1.4]

Win95 underscore bug

Windows version of Amaya 1.4 available?


winthotcompilers patch #2

winthotcompilers.c patch

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