Build, make & install Amaya good (but can be better)


The install of Amaya has inproved a lot between 1.4 and 1.4a. However:

I configure to install amaya in a new directory. For configure I use (from
the platform directory):
../configure --prefix=/appl/tools/amaya1.4a --with-amaya --with-motif

This builds all the way to the end on HPUX 10.20 and Solaris 2.5. Both
platforms use the gnu development environment: gcc 2.7.2 and gmake. The
/appl/tools filesystems differ on both machines.

`gmake install` fails on the Solaris platform: it uses the distributed
`install-sh` script but it is called as `..\install-sh`. This fails for some
of the makefiles. I changed the Options.orig file manualy to call it with
the full path in stead of the relative path. This works OK. The HPUX
installation had no problems since there is a `install-sh` in the path.
Please update the generation of the Options.orig file to use hard paths for
calling distributed scripts (like this install-sh).

`gmake install` fails on both platforms: the /appl/tools/amaya1.4a/bin
directory is not created so the `ln -s` to create the softlink to the
executable fails. This is true for both platforms.`mkdir
/appl/tools/amaya1.4a/bin` and `gmake install` again solves the problem.
Please update the installation to test for existing of the "--prefix"/bin
directory, create it if it is not there and empty it (the `rm -f`) if it is

RunTime I find a difference between the HPUX and the Solaris machine: On HP
I can browse to but not to !!! Is
there a difference in used items between these 2 pages? This would guide my
search for the problem. btw: both pages are fetched trough a password
proteceted proxyserver. The Solaris version gives no problem.



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