Re: relative URL in Style Sheet

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> Hi there,
> I am no member of www-amaya. So please answer to my email address.
> Consider an HTML document (, a style 
> sheet ( and a background image 
> (
> The style sheet includes the following rule:
> 	BODY {background-image: url(../images/bgi.png)}
> and is linked to the HTML document by
> 	<LINK rel="style sheet" type="text/css" href="style/bla.css">
> . Amaya 1.3b (binary version Linux ELF) does not render the background 
> image.
> It does, if the relative URI for the image is images/bgi.png (without 
> the ../ at the beginning). So I presume that amaya solves the relative 
> URI relative to the HTML document and not to the style sheet, which is 
> not correct according to CSS1 (

This bug is fixed in release 1.4
Happy new year

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