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Windows usually uses a resource editor to build dialogs, 
one edit a dialog box in which one put textedit windows,
static text area, etc. All of this is built according to
a given font which is by default "small font". If you change
the font this make a trouble in the dialog boxes of course.

You can try to build dialogs in the source code without the
resource editor, however, the problem remains. When you 
define a window, you have to give its heigth and width.
unless you give a too big sizes, you will have the same problem.

Conclusion, it is very diffuclt (probabely be impossible) to deal 
with such a problem on Windows. This is why, most of strings are hard 
coded in dialogs on Windows :-(. 

>Dear sirs,
>I made a download of your excellent Amaya tool.
>I have a little problem:
>I can't correctly read the addresses in the Address text box since the
>textbox is not enough wide to contain the text.
>Same problem for the Title text box.
>Can I change the dimension of the characters or the Address/Title space?
>My pc works under windows NT and the graphic resolution is 1024*768..
>Thank you for your attention, 
>Marco Fossa
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