Amaya/HTML & Euro-s (was: Re: Automatic switch between browse and edit)

David Thiede wrote:
> I would have to vote against such a mode sensitive behaviour (if we really
> have a vote) as changing from one to two clicks for link traversal. Consistant
> UI operation is very important from a usability point of view.

How true. but where is the border between a mode and UI operation? I think
that's up to the design team. Users can always ask for change but it is
still up to the design team to accept or reject the change.

> Automatic switching from r/w to view would be nice but hard for a user to
> manage in the long run I would think. I would perfer that the Amaya team
> concentrate on completing implementation of the core functions such as css1/2
> style sheets (my favorite) and all of html4.0.

True again but there is a (growing) difference between creating/editing and
viewing/debugging. They are both required. 

> I think Amaya is great so far and have starting using it extensively except
> for editing things that take too much time and trouble with a GUI.

On this issue, I vote for changing the default window. Now it is the 'with
pictures' view. I'd like to change that to one of the other views like the
structure or the text only (alternate) view. While editing tables and other
sturctures, there is no need to update the other views while I'm editing

> Just my 2 cents. Hmmmm, what would that be in Euros? :)

Still 2 cents. The 1/100 part of an Euro is the Euro-Cent.
2 us-dollar cents round to 2 euro cents.
2 dutch-guilder cents round to 1 euro cent.
what other cents are there around the world?

What is the HTML definition of the EURO sign?
Like the Cent symbol is ¢ the pound is £ the yen is ¥ 

> Dave Thiede
> >I have recently been thinking that I would like Amaya to change certain
> >factors of its behaviour when in read-only (browsing) mode.  For example,
> >following links and pressing buttons could be single-click actions instead
> >of double-clicks.  The toolbar could also change.  For example, the save
> >button could be replaced by a "home" button.  These features would make
> >Amaya more comfortable to use when browsing.  All of the functionality
> >could of course be activated or deactivated depending upon the user's
> >configuration.
> >> If Amaya has a statement on it, I'm only one user vote to change this.
> >
> >Vote 2 :-)
> >
> >Ewan Mellor.
> >

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