Re: Use of htm code with other browsers

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MathML is an XML application. To be able to display Mathematics,
a browser has to support MathML which is not the case at the
present time for Netscape nor for IE.

I think that next release of Netscape will do.


>I have just tried Amaya 1.3b, creating a test equation.
>I find however  that  Netscape 4.5 does not display it correctly as your
>program does. Instead I see things like &Sigma; and &Sum;
>(Also my web authoring program Homesite 4)
>I would therefore like to know 
>1. Can I get Netscape or IE to display (locally) equations generated by
>your program.
>2. And if that's possible will folk be able to read the equations correctly
>if I do upload them.
>I checked the FAQ and could not see the answer.
>I see that version 1.4a is now available. Is it worth me trying this ?
>Thanks Ron   

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