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René J. BOONEN wrote:

> Also the same problem seems to be in the commercial version : "Opera 32"
> , which I think was the base for Amaya because most of the developers of
> Opera now work for W3C on Amaya.

Not at all.  It seems that there is some confusion here. Let me
try to clarify the issue.

There is a research team called Opera at INRIA (the French National
Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control).
This team (actually, a "project" in INRIA terminology) was set up
in 1990 to do research on electronic documents. For more information,

To support its research activity, the Opera project develops
several prototypes.  Among them is an editor/browser for the Web that
was demonstrated for the first time at the third WWW Conference
in April 1995, in Darmstadt.  This prototype was considered by
Tim Berners-Lee as an interesting base for building a full-featured
web client and the developers of the prototype were invited to join
W3C.  In February 1996, some members of the Opera project joined W3C
to develop Amaya. You know the rest of the story.

There is also a company called Opera Software A/S based in Oslo,
Norway (  This company develops and sells
a browser called Opera, but there is no connection between the
Norwegian company and the French research team.  As far as I know,
Opera Software A/S started the development of their browser from

The fact that the same name is used at INRIA and in Norway is just
a coincidence.


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