Re: amaya compatible with other browser?

I agree with Ewan answers. Just a complement: the amaya-java-src-1.1c.tar.gz
is a very old version and is incompatible with the current 1.4a version.
The integration of a new version of the Kaffe Java virtual machine in Amaya is
in progress. We hope to be able to release it with a DOM Java
interface by the end of the next six months.

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> On Fri, 15 Jan 1999, look4fun wrote:
> > I'm a maths teacher from Hong Kong. There is a need for (all kinds of )
> > browers to interpret Math language generated by Amaya, but is it now
> > possible to do this? Can Amaya browse effects of animated gif or java
> > like other browsers do?
> Unfortunately, Amaya does not currently display animated GIFs - instead it
> shows only the first frame.  We could do with someone to add that
> functionality.
> There does seem to be Java support with Amaya, but I have not tried it
> yet myself.  It is turned off by default and seems to require extra
> downloads.  Unfortunately, I cannot find the amaya-java-src-1.4a.tar.gz on
> either the EU or US FTP sites.  There is a file
> available, but I
> doubt that that will work with the current version of Amaya.
> Perhaps someone other than myself could comment on the Java support in
> Amaya.
> Ewan.


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