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> Hello,
> I'm new to this list. I previously tried Amaya 1.1c and had the same
> problem than with Amaya 1.4 Linux-ELF which I recently dowloaded. I have
> checked the FAQ and Amaya's online docs...
> I cannot activate the hyperlinks (silly, isn't it) !
> I know that I have to double clic on the links, but it just doesn't work
> (double clicking with left button, right, both [middle not active]).
> My mouse works perfectly with other X11 applications, and also works OK
> with Amaya's menus, etc.
> What am I missing ? Amaya is currenty useless for me as a single page
> "browser" :-(((
> Thank U, and happy new year 1999 !


Perhaps it's a problem of a too short delay to detect the double click.
Can you compile Amaya on your platform? If yes, I suggest you to make a small
change just to test if it solves the problem.

In file Thot/ thotlib/dialogue/appli.c: 
-      else if (t1 + (Time) 500 > ev->xbutton.time)
+      else if (t1 + (Time) 1000 > ev->xbutton.time)

Happy new year

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