Re: Porting Thot on Windows said:
>  We have made an application based on Thot library. We would like to
> port it on Windows. We are using the library and the Makefile from
> Amaya's distribution to compile it.

> The application is running, but there are no windows : We can't show
> the main window, which allows us to open some files. This is the same
> window as the first window we show in ThotEditor. (We can show this
> window in the Linux version).

> The question is : How can we get this window to be shown? 

 Porting a Thot application on windows is not so straightforward :

First, you have to define resources for dialogues windows used in the 
  application since TtaNewSheet and cie are not handled the same way in Win 
  code of thotlib.

Secondly, As amaya does not show an application window like Thot editor does, 
  the code that builds the main window has not been ported to windows.
  you should patch the TtaInitDialogueWindow fuction to map the main window 
  when it is called with the param number set to zero (for now it simply exits 
  the function). (this function is in thotlib/dialogue/dialogapi.c)

Third, you have to write a makefile for the schemas you are using. And use 
  Ramzi's compile tool to build the schemas.

For the moment we have no plans to port Thot editor on Windows, but if you 
wish to help in that way let us know, it could be a great application !

Hope this helps.


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