Success building Amaya 1.4a! - and problems.

At last! I have built Amaya 1.4a from sources!! This was based on the
1/13/99 version of amaya-src-1.4a.tar.gz which I downloaded this morning.

There are problems though:
At first I built compilers.exe as a release version - it died with an
exception. After I rebuilt it as a debug version, it worked ok. However,
later I found that f:/thot/amaya/editor.a had been truncated to 0 length.
From the time stamp, I can only guess that compilers.exe did this. After
restoring editors.a from the .tgz file, the debug version of compilers.exe
processed it into  editor.h in f:/thot/winnt/amaya.

Compilers.exe  needs help! First, the thing about it dying as a release
build vs working as a debug  build is of concern. The app itself has some
troubles too: the window does not repaint if you move another window over
it or another window pops up over it; it also does not scroll.

Now, at last, the work of understanding Amaya can begin and hopefully I can
make some contributions to it!


Dave LeBlanc

Received on Wednesday, 13 January 1999 22:40:46 UTC