double click + screen flicker

dear all,

maybe I am doing it wrong by sending you directly e-mail, if so

The following questions I have asked just recently (extract from a
personal mail message):
Is it normal that when amaya displays a screen it refreshes the same
page multiple times (also when using the scroll bar to go down or up in
a document) on Windows NT ?
The following answer came back which seems to explain the flicker (which
is actually multiple repaints on the screen):
Amaya is mainly an editor and for doing that it provides an incremental
redisplay mechanism. So each time it receives a display it re-paints
even the notified area.
It's possible that Amaya receives too many redisplay events when it
starts. I've never paid attention to that.
Perhaps it's due to the fact that the Amaya window is too high for your
In current version you have to edit the configuration file
Thot\amaya\HTML.conf  to change default windows sizes (see how to
configure in help pages). In next version you will have a configuration
My comments/experience : it is caused by to many re-paints, not by the
fact that the window starts out of the current screen settings.

Also the same problem seems to be in the commercial version : "Opera 32"
, which I think was the base for Amaya because most of the developers of
Opera now work for W3C on Amaya.

René Boonen

Received on Thursday, 25 March 1999 19:17:51 UTC