Re: Amaya does not work with the network


since it is - at first - really confusing when e.g. Netscape works and
Ayma does not, maybe during the Setup-procedure it could
be checked, if in "typical" files a proxy is set (like
c:/programme/netscape/users/XXX/prefs.js - but I am sure there are
better methods to get a good guess ;-)

Then the user could be warned:
"It seems that you are using a proxy with Netscape. It seems that your
proxy is  http:/ If so, please ..."

Of course, it is just a guess ... ;-)

Or just a question during the setup-procedure.
"Are you using a proxy/firewall?"
(I've just checked it: I have not been asked ;-)

Roland wrote:

> Hello Jerry,
> Are you using a proxy setup?
> If yes, you'll need to configure Amaya to take into account your proxy.
> See the configuration doc that comes with your Amaya release.
> If this doesn't work yet, please email us the URL you're trying to
> access so that we can analyze the problem from here.
> Thanks,
> -Jose
> In our previous episode, Joerg Wittenberger said:
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > I am very sorry that I have to send in such an unspecific report.  But
> > I really can't tell why my copy of amaya does not fetch any documents
> > via http, while a lot of other browser do (netscape, lynx, arena,
> > wget) at th very same mahine wiht the very same pages.
> >

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